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Discover affordable education and career growth by studying in Germany, complete with up to 18 months of a Job Seeker VISA. Connect with a diverse alumni network and pave the way to your dream job.

  • Learn from the top Universities
  • Upto 18 months Job Seeker VISA
  • Full-Time and Hybrid Programs
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Explore the Benefits of Studying in Germany

Navigating the Best Courses in Germany: Enhancing Your Academic Journey

  • benefit

    Germany is home to some of the top universities globally.

  • benefit

    Germany's simplified residency encourages international students to stay.

  • benefit

    More English courses in Germany allow students to study without knowing German.

  • benefit

    German universities offer low-cost programs, reducing study expenses.

  • benefit

    Study in Germany for a rich cultural experience in history and arts.

  • benefit

    Germany's location offers students easy access to explore Europe.

Program Choices and Opportunities in Germany

Experience unparalleled program choices and opportunities with higher education in Germany.

Hybrid program Full time program
Tuition fees €13,500- €15,000 €27,000- €32,000
Living expenses €11,200 to €15,600 €22,400 to €31,200
Post-study work visa Yes Yes
Program schedule Flexible schedule for working professionals As per university timing
GRE/TOEFL Not required Required
Peer interaction Remote Interaction (online) and on campus Increased opportunity to network with alumni
Explore Programs Explore Programs

Cost of Living in Germany

Navigate the financial landscape of education in Germany with insights into the cost of studying in Germany and the nuances of daily living expenses.

  • House rent

    €300 - €700+

    Average monthly house rent for 2 years. Housing costs may vary across cities.

  • Food expenses

    €150 - €200

    Average monthly food expenses, depending on location and dining choices.

  • Transportation cost

    €100 - €150

    Average student transport cost in the Germany, including public transit or car expenses


    €300 - €500

    Average students per year, beyond tuition

Handling Financial Expenditures While Studying in Germany

Our programs provide financial support and opportunities to study in Germany affordably. Discover how international students adeptly navigate their financial commitments while studying in Germany.

  • expenses

    Hybrid Learning Initiatives

    Through our collaboration with prestigious universities, enjoy a specially curated year of affordable study in Germany.

  • expenses

    Scholarship Opportunities

    Explore generous scholarships to significantly alleviate tuition and living expenses during your education journey.

  • expenses

    Financial Assistance

    Leverage attractive loan options with competitive interest rates, making your study in Germany financially manageable and stress-free.

  • expenses

    Part-Time Work Opportunities

    Many students opt for part-time work to financially support themselves and minimize expenses while studying abroad in Germany.

Admission Criteria for Studying in Germany

Thinking of advancing your studies in Germany? We're here to seamlessly guide you through the fundamental admission criteria you'll undergo.

  • requirements Exam Preparation

    Students aiming to study in Germany should prepare for exams like GRE/GMAT for postgraduate courses and IELTS/TOEFL for English proficiency. However, some programs may not require GRE/GMAT. Success in these exams is key to gaining admission in German universities.

  • requirements University Application Process

    The application procedure requires the submission of academic records, a statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, and test scores. Adhering to application timelines and complying with distinct university directives is vital for a successful endeavor.

  • requirements Figuring Out Your Finances

    Steering through the financial dimensions of your academic journey is a vital phase. While delving into your budget planning, it's essential to explore options like scholarships and potentially lower-interest loans, facilitating a financially sound educational experience in Germany.

  • requirements Visa Process

    Great Learning provides assistance to learners in obtaining all essential documents from the University for their student Visa. Furthermore, we offer help in arranging Visa appointments and preparing for Visa interviews.

  • requirements Booking Your Travel

    Because of rising prices, especially during busy periods, book your travel arrangements in advance. To reduce costs, think about opting for budget airlines and travel bundles.

  • requirements Finalizing Your Stay

    The price of lodging depends on where you want to stay and your preferences. Researching accommodation choices ahead of time enables you to pick a more affordable option, whether it's university housing or private rentals.

Work and study in Germany

Study in Germany at low cost. No GRE/TOEFL required*

Achieve your dream of studying abroad and set your career there with Upto 18 months
Job Seeker VISA.

*For Hybrid Programs

Great Learning Benefits

Experience exclusive advantages with Great Learning's enriching study abroad in Germany programs tailored to elevate your academic and professional path.


Cost-effective Education in Germany

Embark on a journey of top-tier education in Germany without straining your finances through Great Learning's affordable study abroad in Germany programs.


Gateway to Global Career Pathways

Uncover boundless global career opportunities with the added advantage of work visas and expert guidance, making your aspirations a reality.


Simplified Admission Process

Navigate through the admission process with ease, skipping the need for GRE/GMAT exams, and enjoy unwavering support throughout.


Streamlined Admission Process

Receive complete support to finish your SOP review, Filling up Form I-20 and Visa Assistance, without the hassle.


Flexible and Hybrid Learning Formats

Strike the perfect balance between pursuing higher education in Germany and your professional commitments through our versatile hybrid learning options.


Professional Growth and Networking Horizons

Foster your professional development through meticulous program management and valuable networking prospects, connecting you with peers and industry mentors.


Dedicated Program Support

Receive 24/7 support throughout your program, including project assistance, expert sessions, and personalized help from experienced professionals to address any doubts.

Post-Program Job Opportunities in Germany

Germany Job Market

  • Germany's technology sector is a key innovation driver and business enabler, significantly impacting other sectors.
  • The tech sector generates annual sales revenues in excess of €230 billion and one million jobs that account for nearly 7% of German economic output.
  • The Germany IT market size is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 4.12% between 2022 and 2027.

Average Salaries in Germany

  • Data Analyst -
  • Financial Analyst - €65,478/year
  • Business Analyst - €59,000/year
  • Machine Learning Engineer - €70,000/year

Visa Requirements

  • 18 Months Job Seeker Visa in Germany

Popular Sectors

  • Software Development and IT Services
  • Automotive Technology and Engineering
  • Cybersecurity and Data Privacy
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Telecommunications and Network Engineering
  • Cloud Computing and Cloud Services
  • E-commerce and Digital Marketing

Top programs in the Germany

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